Ads Integration in Games

Hyper Casual games is the current trend in game development. And most of the hyper casual games has a strong foundation built on codeless development tool Buildbox and so they are free-to-play games. When it comes to ADs/SDK integration, make no mistake, we are aware about when/how/where to place the Advertisement for better user experience. We can help you with Ads mediation service along with analytics integration. As a developer, we expect a better ROI when releasing a game and here where comes the most important part - Analytics. We have discovered the benchmarks that World’s top publishers like Voodoo, Tabtale, LionStudios and many more are looking for to deliver a successful hit game. We can help you with ads integration like Admob, Applovin, Inmobi, Leadbolt, Chartboost and other related networks. We can also help you in integrating the analytics such as Game analytics, Appsflyer - this two are the most pioneer tools used by industry experts in analyzing the game metrics

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