Buildbox Game Development

Specialist BuildBox developers work game development projects exclusively. With our experience in across game development platforms, we can also help you map features & functionality from Unity to BuildBox.

BuildBox is a full cycle game development ecosystem, which we can help you leverage for rapid affordable development of a full-featured playable gameplay prototype or even a game for final release on iOS and Android.

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Why use Buildbox as a game development platform?

In the current market, Buildbox is one of the most successful game development tool. Over the last 5 years Buildbox has continued to gain traction in the hyper casual game development market. Some of the reason why more and more game developers are choosing Buildbox are:

  • Rapid feature rich development with minimal scripting
  • Cross platform development, develop once and deploy on Android and iOS together
  • Lends itself perfectly for extension & enhancements for continued versions
  • Fastest & most refined 3D game development platform in the industry
  • Vast library of native artwork, which reduce the cost & development time
  • Much faster development compared to any game development language
  • Buildbox license cost is a fraction of development platforms like Unity etc.

How is our game development process so cost effective?

Essendon Studios has been working on BuildBox for more than 3 years and have developed, tested and deployed more than 60 games. Many of our games have been featured by Apple.

Thanks to Buildbox’s rapid development framework our game development process evidence drive, ie. we are able to visually demonstrate game play idea which removes any ambiguity and helps eliminate any last minute surprises.

Our builds are shared with the game owners at every stage of development through limited release of working versions. We have put internationally valid NDA agreements and a comprehensive contractual framework in place to protect your IP.

Combined with minimal coding Buildbox framework and effective communication we have been able to reduce rework and therefore keep the costs low.


Whats game development skills do we have in our team?

Essendon Studios is a small but passionate team of hyper casual game developers. With over four years of experience in this space, we have dedicated specialists in the areas of:

  • Game artwork and graphic design for mobile games
  • Hyper casual game development using Buildbox
  • Ads network integration (eg. AdMob, Flurry, StartApp, InMobi etc.)
  • Game play conceptual refinement
  • Deployment of games on AppStore and PlayStore
  • ASO improve your visibility and presentation of your app on AppStore and PlayStore